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Call Center-generated Leads: Keep An Open Mind


Over the last several months, most, if not all of our Education clients have asked us to divulge information regarding our use of call centers as they pertain to our lead generation practices – a request likely having been made to all lead generators since the July 1 reform.  We understand the importance of marketing compliance with respect to the new laws governing … More

Plus or Minus?


Retweet. Share. Embed. Post. Blog. Like. Link. Comment. Plus? I’m not sure about Google+. On the one hand, I love social media, and have been reigning supreme as the Online Over-Share Princess since age 14. On the other hand, I’m honestly not sure we need another social network. We seem to have the bases covered already. Facebook is for the people you went … More

Social Media Science

Social Media Science

If there’s one thing I understand about social media, it’s that nobody quite fully understands it. Social Media is a dynamic creature, and a new one at that. It’s for this very reason I tend to roll my eyes when I hear someone proclaim themselves as a “social media expert / guru / evangelist / aficionado / overlord.” Titles like these imply some … More

User Intent vs. Lead Scoring


Not all leads are created equal You don’t have to be in this business very long to know the painful truth of that statement. As a media director, my daily challenge is generating quality leads – leads that enroll more efficiently than our competitors’. Inevitably, the question is: “How do we know a lead’s value?” What is User Intent? Before we dive into … More

LeadTune & Datamark Enter Agreement


By now, you’re familiar enough with Lead Media Partners to know that we pride ourselves on our lead prediction technology.  What you might not know is that our sister company, LeadTune, helps create some of the magic. If you’re not familiar with LeadTune, I liken them to BASF: “we don’t make the products you buy, we make the products you buy better.”  LeadTune … More

Shark Attack


Hi, my name is Amy-Kate and I’m a Discovery Channel addict. I’m not alone in this obsession – the channel that features the likes of Bear Grylls and Mike Rowe has amassed quite the following over the years through its awesome adrenaline packed shows. One of its hallmark programming feats is Shark Week – a 7 day celebration of everything from the Hammerhead … More

Education Lead Generation: A Brave, New, and Transparent World


The mere fact that you’ve found a second to read this article right now calls for much-deserved words of praise: YOU DID IT! You made it beyond July 1, 2011! You’re to be commended. The work you’ve put in over the last several months unearthing the great lead gen mysteries of the universe, putting your legal teams to task developing new Ts&Cs to … More

PPC: An Unlikely Barometer for the EDU Industry


In November 2010, Herb Greenberg, a Senior Stocks Commentator for CNBC, wrote an article titled, “Why For-Profit Schools Face Falling Margins.” He talked about how for-profit schools had seen unprecedented operating margins from Jan 2008 to Jun 2010, citing “unemployment-juiced enrollments” as the cause for these ballooning margins. If unemployment had indeed fueled the boom starting in 2008, it would stand to reason … More

How To Run Away


With summer in full bloom, the PTO days I’ve stashed away are calling my name. All the days I braved the office fully loaded with DayQuil are about to pay off when I break away for a summer adventure. However, the current economic climate makes dropping cash on anything major feel less than appealing [unless that something major is an iPad2]. My quest … More