Brain Matters

Author: Kristin Jolley

Higher CPLs in the Forecast?


Are schools’ internal online marketing efforts creating higher CPLs and more competition?  If so, expect increased costs in the forecast. We are seeing a continuing trend of more institutions bringing their marketing efforts in-house… no doubt due to the continuing concerns about compliance and transparency in the industry. This trend has had the unfortunate effect of creating more competition in the marketplace and … More

14 Things for Which I Am Thankful


While thinking of what I wanted to share with you this month, I kept coming back to how glad I am to be doing what I’m doing, where I’m doing it, and how I’m doing it.  I have been living and breathing online lead gen for over a decade and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else but here today.  There is a lot of … More

User Intent vs. Lead Scoring


Not all leads are created equal You don’t have to be in this business very long to know the painful truth of that statement. As a media director, my daily challenge is generating quality leads – leads that enroll more efficiently than our competitors’. Inevitably, the question is: “How do we know a lead’s value?” What is User Intent? Before we dive into … More